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1988 Jaguar XJS Convertible

1981 Corsair

Also available for sale are several Jaguar MK II Part and Bodies!

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2 new sport cars 

Inspired by the AC Cobra featuring both the 427 & 289 modified body style!

Classic Touring Car

Inspired by the Excalibur and the  Clenet Roadster Roaring 20's styled timeless beauty.

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Panther Lima and Jaguar pictures featured in this web site are available in various sizes for your collection.

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High-Tech 1961 Jaguar MK II  Custom High Tech 1979 Panther Lima

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About Us

    High-Tech British Classic Cars is a small company based on a belief that classic cars have a timeless beauty built into them. For show cars, they are great! We believe that modernizing the car with high-tech handling and performance features along with luxury features such as cruise control, power rack and pinion steering, power windows, power seats, remote control door locks, etc... make the car extremely pleasing to drive, while maintaining the timeless beauty built into the car. We're also bold enough to make some changes in the appearance, as shown in the restored cars pictured on this site. These upgrades enhance the beauty and appearance as well as the performance of these cars.

Customize One For You!

Drive in style and luxury in one of our state-of-the -art classic cars or have your classic car restored and upgraded by Us!.

We build Classic Cars the way you want them! High-Tech Conversions with modern luxury car features, or, restored to the correct original of the year and model.


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High-Tech British Classic and Custom Sport Cars is a division of Forbes Companies

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